Let’s face it, the majority of us can agree that we all need to drink more water throughout the day. Asking my clients “how many glasses they drink per day” is one of the first questions that I ask since it is usually the main culprit to their concerns. Low water consumption can lead to headaches/migraines, inflammation throughout the body, slow muscle recovery, joint issues, constipation, poor digestion, struggle with weight loss, fatigue, skin issues…. the list is endless.

I always recommend increasing your water intake even by a few glasses and to see how much difference you can feel in your body. I know drinking water is boring so here is my secret to getting in that 2-3 litres daily.

Just like all of you, I also experience cravings around that 3pm mark and would find myself scavenging through the fridge for snacks.  Although I knew my body was probably just thirsty, I hated downing glasses of water. So instead, I started drinking my “Lemon-Lime Chia Water”.  For the past few weeks I have been drinking one of these daily and I can’t believe I haven’t been drinking these sooner! Chia seeds are an amazing source of fiber, adding more fiber in your diet is a great way for you to feel fuller for longer so that way you aren’t grabbing a million of snacks throughout the day. They are also a great source of Omega-3’s and antioxidants (BONUS!).

Combining the water with chia seeds allows them to become gelatinous, so every sip gives you the feeling like you’re drinking bubble tea! (I think so at least) Squeezing fresh citrus in your water not only adds extra benefits but I honestly look forward to every sip!


      • – 1 Litre of Water
      • – Juice of Half a Lemon and Lime
      • – 1 Tbsp of Chia Seeds

Next time you’re feeling hungry at that 3pm mark, try drinking a chia water and see how you feel. Maybe you’ll feel completely satisfied or you’ll need to grab a smaller snack but hey, a little more water never hurt anyone.

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