My secret to drinking more water!

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As a strength coach and Holistic Nutritionist my number one piece of advice I give to all of my clients is to drink more water. Want to lose weight? Drink water. Skin issues? Water. Digestion problems? Water. Feeling Hungry? Water. Headaches and inflammation? Water. Getting sick often? Water. See the pattern here? Our bodies are mostly made up of water so doesn’t it make sense to

To all the growing coaches out there:

  • Trust your path; your coaching style should be a reflection of you! Yes, you will learn a lot from others and it’s not wrong to adopt those traits, but if you want to leave your own legacy, you must embrace your own unique gifts and abilities.
  • Share your personal struggle, loss, injuries or hardships with your clients; be real and don’t be afraid to show all sides to your athletes.
  • Train yourself with purpose and exhibit healthy behaviors that follow what you preach.
  • Let go of your ego and insecurities; we don’t always need to be the superhero!
  • Have confidence, accept constructive criticism and understand that you will grow and change over time. You will never be a finished product!

Lead from the front. Trust your path. Lace up your own shoes, and wear them proudly!

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