Mobility March: Week 3

Upper and Lower Body Sequences 

Do you have tight hips and texting neck?
Give yourself 30 minutes this week, the small steps add up.
Upper Body Sequence
Lower Body Sequence

What Mobility March Participants are Saying

Lower Body: Just finished lower body...the whole thing felt great. The stretches on the wall were difficult for me.

IN LOVE WITH All of it. My shoulders can breathe!

Lower Body: REALLY liked the hip flexor stretch at 15:00 even though I was an absolute klutz getting into it omg. LOL.

Lower Body: 14:40 was insane but very effective lol and the down dogs at the end felt amazing!! I couldn’t really get into the muscle on my shin - so going to have to try that one again!

Upper Body: love the flow movements and feel so much release after each sequence.

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