What are you experiencing in your body, thinking in your mind and feeling in your heart right now? ❤️  This is mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a very powerful skill that you can practice repeatedly and will eventually become a way of life – bringing awareness to everything you do. Mindfulness is a psychological process of regularly stopping to look inwards. When you practice mindfulness you are purposely bringing your attention to experiences occurring in the present moment (without judgement). Often times in life we are not present, we REACT instead of RESPONDING to situations. Our mind takes flight, we lose touch with our body and we become overwhelmed by something that just happened, or better yet, something that hasn’t even happened yet. When we don’t recognize what is happening inside of us, rain can feel like a hurricane rather than a little drizzle.

Mindfulness allows us to stay connected to the source of our actions and guide us with significantly more intention in our lives. It allows us to lead with compassion and to trust our bodies to tell us when we need nutrition, rest, exercise or hydration. It helps us feel grounded.

So, let’s do a little check-in:

Have you been dialling into how you feel physically and mentally with everything that is going on right now? Or are regrets, fears and judgement taking over you?

When you start to feel your mind racing, stop. 🛑

Without avoidance or judgement, ask yourself:

1. At this moment, what am I feeling in my body?
2. At this moment, what am I thinking?
3. At this moment, what am I feeling?

This is mindfulness.✨

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