Si el ritmo te lleva a mover la cabeza ya empezamos como es
Translation: If the rhythm leads you to move your head, we start as it is

If you have ever been on the floor, in a class or generally around Brooke, you know the rhythm leads her. She loves to dance … mostly to show tunes, Disney music or Michael Jackson. To celebrate Brooke’s 2 Year Anniversary with All Day Fit with swapped out the gym floor for the dance floor and wiped our feet on the rhythm rug. 

Thanks to Cierra Lee, we learned some sweet moves to Mi Gente featuring Beyonce. Next time we are all together, ask Brooke to bust out the moves, we know she remembers them off by heart.

After dancing everyone needs to eat! We went back to Cassie’s place and enjoyed delicious food and said cheers to Brooke and all her work as a trainer at All Day Fit. 

What should we dance to next year? I am suggesting Thriller…classic dance! 

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