Laura is the type of person to walk into a room and get a reaction. I’m talking heart eyes and fire emojis cause she just slays. Her incredible style will get your attention but her amazing sense of humor and her infectious laugh will have your spirits dancing. She always shows up. No ifs ands or buts, and when I say she shows up, I mean she’s there, and she’s ready to kill it every workout. Oh and she brings me coffee lol (thanks girl). When it comes to strength gains, Laura is lifting 12kgs for her Turkish get up, 115lb front squats with perfect form and just made it to the 200lb club in her deadlift!   Her commitment to form combined with an improved mobility in her squat have given her amazing strength gains since she’s been weight training 3 days a week. The fact that she never complains (and seriously, I mean not ONCE) and is always down for a challenge, makes training her so exciting. Couple that with the fact that she now works for All Day Fit – makes me one of the happiest people around because I get to spend even more time with her. 


Congrats Laura, I’m so proud of how far you’ve come on this journey and you totally deserve this client of the month!

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