To the duo that brings spunk and good vibes at 7am- THANK YOU!

Chris and Kristen have been training for over a year now and have hit so many HUGE wins along the way. Kristen is crushing her journey with chin ups and hitting new PRs in her deadlifts almost monthly! Chris’s front squat is like no other, he’s nailing form and PR’s!

A big reason I love training with these two is that they both have their strengths and weaknesses, but no matter the exercise, they support, cheer and show acknowledgement when the other accomplishes something new. I love the team work that is shared between the two of them.

They are extremely hard working inside and outside of the gym and no matter how late their work keeps them busy at night, they always come in ready to crush their workout. Talk about dedication! I have seen these two grow together from hitting PR’s to buying their first cottage. It’s such a pleasure to work with these wonderful humans. They are truly inspiring. Congrats you two! Thank you for the hard work and dedication. I look forward to 2020 with you both.

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