I can’t believe it’s been almost a year of training with this incredible human being. No matter what, or how difficult the challenge is, I would put my money on Ashley to crush it. She has proven time and time again that goals are within reach on a daily basis. Ashley is often late, probably because she is rescuing puppies from burning buildings. Having said that, she has never missed a session and somehow gets her entire workout done every time because she is some sort of time management magician.

Ashleys’ face must be tired from constantly smiling and being so friendly to everyone in the gym. She makes sure to send out positive vibes in every direction which is why she is the perfect person to be a part of our community!

Ashley definitely puts in the work outside of the gym for both nutrition and training. She is super strong and has embraced body positivity in a big way. I’m so impressed with the changes she has made regarding her perspective on training and what it means to be strong, mentally and physically.
This ball of energy crushes her goals on a weekly basis, we’re talking 2 body weight pullups with awesome form, and 100 lbs on her bench press for 3 reps. Are you kidding me?!

She is one of the hardest working people I know, which is why I am so honoured to announce that she is our client of the month! I’d tell you to stay out of her way, but her energy is too good and her smile is too bright, and everyone deserves a little Ashley in their lives!

I’m so proud of you and and the amount of growth you’ve had in this past year.

Coach Brooke <3

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