In an effort to strengthen our minds and souls, during the month of March we ran an All Day Fit Meditation Challenge! Participants were challenged to complete at least four guided meditations per week and share their reflections with the community. We sent out short videos designed to teach mediators of ANY experience level about different mindfulness techniques. Since there is no “right” or “wrong” way to meditate, we decided to explore various methods over the course of the month. We learned about awareness of the breath, belly breathing, box breathing, the BodyScan, mindful movement, mindful walking and mindful eating, all of which helped us learn how to center ourselves in the present moment.

We decided to spend a month focusing on meditation because mindfulness can be a profound tool for living a more balanced and healthy life. It allows us to step back and slow down in a fast-paced and technology driven world. Thanks to the crazy environment we live in, our attention spans have become shockingly short. Taking a few minutes to quiet the mind and be fully present can have incredible benefits for physical and mental health! Specifically, it can help to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, connect with the body, and appreciate the present instead of worrying about the past or future.


I think the challenge has made me generally more of my surroundings and what I'm doing and how I'm interacting with my space. Pretty cool.

I absolutely love this one as a way to wind down at the end of the day, though it also works really well for me as a way to distress during the work day because I can do it easily at my desk. I loved that this month opened my eyes to new forms of meditation that I can use to bring more mindfulness to all aspects of my life!

This has been a great experience for me. I plan to apply it to many aspects of my life - flows in the AM after workouts/before work, body scans in the evening before bed, counting my breath/box breathing when I’m feeling anxious. Sky is the limit!

The deep breathing influences and lowers my stress levels, making me calmer right away. I deep breathe a little bit every day during the day. This is something new I'll keep forever. For the mindful eating meditation, this also had a great impact on me. I don't savour my food though I notice overall tastes. I eat and go usually. Since the meditation, I've slowed down and tried to at least savour and notice my foods for 5 mins.... Before I eat and go!

Thanks to the meditation practice from the last week, because prior to that I thought meditation was only about closing your eyes sit still and doing nothing except breathing. I hadn’t realized it could also be done while walking or eating. A light bulb kind of went off making me realize that meditation could happen even when I am doing other things, like mopping the floor (which I did today) so long as I am focused enough and concentrating on my breath. If I am able to be mindful when doing things which doesn’t require high brain function then I could spare my thought from spinning the whole day, which can help with stress relief.

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