When news of COVID-19 first broke and day by day we inched closer to having to stay home and self isolate, the gravity of the situation began to settle in. All the work we (the All Day Fit team) had put into planning for 2020 was out the window, my routine and training were going to be upended, I wasn’t going to be able to see our community, my friends or family and then there was (and still is) the constant fear and anxiety of “what is going to happen if, I or someone I know, contracts the virus?”

As I attempted to navigate my thoughts, fears and emotions a certain scene from one of my favourite TV shows kept popping into my mind. I couldn’t figure out why until I really boiled it down…

The TV show is Gilmore Girls. The scene is between Rory and her boyfriends’ father, Mitchum. Mitchum is offering Rory an internship which she turns down at first. He follows up by saying, “This is still an opportunity, who cares why you got the opportunity. It’s here and life is about making the most of everything you’re handed. This opportunity is being handed to you. Now, what are you gonna do about it?”

This message REALLY resonated with me, especially with regards to training.

As a member of the Strong Academy team for over a year now I have learned SO many things about my body and gained a sound fundamental understanding of strength training. Combined, this is the most valuable takeaway from my time at All Day Fit.

This is what made me understand that this pause on life is a GIFT, not a hindrance. 

Being home and forced to slow down and change your training is an OPPORTUNITY.

Here’s why:

You can focus on the movement patterns you know need a little extra help.

Does your squat depth need some attention? What about your lateral lunge – can you get as low on each side? Can you engage both glutes or lats equally?

You now have the time to focus on and improve movement patterns without load. The more quality you can make these movements now the better you will be able to add and support load when back in the gym.

Give attention to injuries and rehab.

At All Day Fit we say don’t train through pain. We heavily advocate seeking treatment and taking your rehab seriously. Seize this opportunity to focus on healing any lingering injuries, taking time to rest and do your rehab homework. One can always find excuses not to do something and rehab exercises are usually high on that list.

A little change is a good thing.

We know the situation we are in is not permanent. We know we will be back in the gym and will be hitting PR’s on the trap bar and squat rack. Until then, this is an opportunity to shake things up. Sets can be focused on time to get your heart rate up, body weight exercises can be made harder by focusing on time under tension (aka going slow) and honing on the quality of the movement. 

The really fun part is combining creativity with training. What can you use in your home to amplify your training? Think outside of the box, it is fun!

You have time for mobility.

We need mobility more than ever right now. We are sitting more and likely working from makeshift desks, the couch or our bed. In our regular life we can find excuses to deprioritize or skip mobility. Now you have no excuse, there isn’t any travel time, there are ample resources to coach you through it and it is a minimal equipment needed activity.

Get to bed.

As Coach Casey taught us, getting 8 hours of sleep a night is one of the BEST things we can do for ourselves. Going to bed and waking up at the same time everyday helps create routine, leads to better quality sleep and does have a heavy impact on training. Take this time to get your sleep routine in check, it’s not like you can go out!

These are the things I am working on while training at home: 

  1. Depth and form in my lateral lunge (they currently don’t feel equal on both sides) 
  2. Holding a small load with my arms straight in front of me while doing a single leg squat 
  3. Being able to do 10 quality push ups with no pain in my shoulder 
  4. Doing my shoulder rehab exercises at least 4x/week
  5. Going to bed and waking up at the same time everyday…even on weekends  

How are you making the best of this opportunity that has been handed to you? 

Looking to add accountability to your at home training? Join the All Day Everyday Online Hub community 7 days a week for live workouts. If you miss a workout, not to worry, we provide the recordings and a community of supportive and encouraging members. Start your at home training routine today.

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