STRESS is the silent killer of health and performance. We see it in so many of our clients and confidently believe is #1 thing affecting our health and wellness today.

Are you overworked?
Working in a career that doesn’t bring you fulfilment?
Spending hours on social media?
Highly caffeinated to keep you going?
Have a “more is better” or “no pain no gain” mentality for training?
Using stimulants to “chill you out” after your day?
Financial troubles?
Poor body image?
Regularly under-slept?

Our society is becoming more and more chronically stressed out. If your goal is to thrive in the gym AND LIFE, you need to check-in and manage the rest of your life.

The majority of us use our workouts as a tool to help us manage stress. Did you know that exercise is actually causing a huge amount of stress on our bodies? Which can be a good thing if we can properly recover and grow from it. This is why at All Day Fit we drill down on the recovery part of training.

All Day Fit uses a very moderate intensity level in our training sessions. This is because we understand that our society is already extremely stressed out – why add fuel to the fire by ”destroying ourselves” in a workout? We believe that workouts are meant to BUILD YOU, NOT BEAT YOU. Adding super high-intensity workouts, to our already super stressed out population, doesn’t make sense in most cases. Your endorphins may be up and your body may be sweaty, but you NEED to recover just as hard as you train. If recovery isn’t happening and you’re feeling tired or not seeing the progress you want, this could be your solution.

Here Are 5 Stress Management Tips:

1. Sleep is the #1 for recovery – you cannot out-train or out eat poor sleeping habits. 😴
2. Incorporate breathing pre and post-training. 🧘🏿‍♂️
3. See an RMT – for the physical release AND relaxation of your mental state. 🐢
4. LAUGHING – laughing does us SO MUCH GOOD. It’s the best form of stress relief. 😂
5. Practice gratitude – practice having a positive attitude and seeing the good in situations. When shit happens…EXHALE it out! 🏆

Interested in learning more about our philosophy? Check out The 8 Lessons of All Day Fit.

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