One of the pillars of All Day Fit is Body Positivity:

“We educate people and help them understand how they want their bodies to look, feel and perform in a supportive and informative environment. We provide a safe space and resources (aka amazing coaches) that allow people to make their own decisions and form their opinions about their bodies.”

We want to raise the conversation on body image, knowing that it is something in need of being discussed. 

I hope you leave off reading this feeling inspired to strengthen your relationship with your body and to raise the confidence that you deserve. These tactics have helped me in my continuous journey of loving myself. 


  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. Are you living the same life as the person on Instagram? No! So why compare yourself to them? When we invest our time on others, we lose the same time we could be giving to ourselves. Try turning this comparison into inspiration. It is ok to see where someone is and strive to find a similar destination. Try being happy for where they are and make a goal and a plan of how you could get to a place where you are happy too. Note that we are all different and this could look differently and lead us to different places… that’s what is so beautiful about our own unique journeys! 
  2. Do a social media detox. Which accounts are serving you and which are hindering your confidence or making you feel negative about yourself? Delete them. It is not worth your time.
  3. Accept your genetics. We are all born with certain traits and compositions that make us who we are. EMBRACE THEM! The sooner we start working with ourselves, the sooner we learn where our strengths can be found and what our unique differences are- use these to your advantage! Embrace YOU 🙂
  4. Be your own friend. When a negative voice enters your consciousness, replace it with a positive one. Perhaps something you admire about yourself or something you are good at. Go ahead- try it! I CAN’T HEAR YOU! Here’s to building positive-reinforced pathways in our brain, instead of negative rabbit holes- those are dark and scary!
  5. Figure out what works for YOU. The newest diet trend, self-help book, or workout class may work for Jane next door, but it may not work or FEEL good for you. Start a journal where you track what you’re doing on a day to day bases. What are you eating, who are you hanging out with?  Take note of how they make you FEEL. If the answers are anything short of positive things, let them GO! A big step towards feeling good physically is how you feel mentally. We want to feel good from the inside out.

Here at All Day Fit, we are proud of our diverse community. We recognize the many strengths within and we are here to inspire you to chase those strengths! We believe in you and your journey <3 

Looking for more on Body Positivity? Please see some resources below:

Here’s to building confident YOU!



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