Community Coordinator

Joelle Dell’Erede

My name is Joelle (Joe!) and I am a daughter, sister, friend, colleague, adventurer, life-athlete, avid reader and eco- enthusiast! I am passionate about bringing people together and thrive in atmospheres where community engagement is imperative. I have a passion for health and wellness and am driven to inspire others in their own wellness journey. 

For me, community is everything. Being surrounded by humans who encourage, care for, support and want to grow together, taught me a lot about who I want to be and what I want to do. The All Day Fit community is a safe place with the BEST energy. It’s why I began to value things like sleep quality, genuine connection, food as fuel, movement as strength and self-confidence. Being a part of this community changed my life and is the reason I wanted to be a part of the team and give back. 

During my post-graduate program in Project Management, I began interning with All Day Fit and assisting our talented (and hilarious) Operations Officer, Babs. I watched my role develop as the team and community grew and I have proudly been a member of the staff for over a year now!

The day-to-day

The joke around the community is that I am “Joe of All Traits”. You’ll find me running mobility with the crew before Strong Academy, assisting Babs in the back-end operations, assisting in community events and high-fiving everyone I cross paths with 🙂

Favorite workout move

The Turkish Getup. There is nothing more empowering than holding a heavy-for-you weight and standing tall at the top of your Getup!

Favorite TV quote

“Joey doesn’t share food”… I can relate to this. I grew up with a big brother, so I had to hold on to what I could get.

This or that?

Burgers or tacos? TACOS! With allll of the guac and salsa.

Sweet or salty? SALTY! (with a pinch of sweet).

New clothes or a new phone? New phone, please… mines running out of battery and storage.

Deadlifts or squats? DEADLIFTS.

Tea or coffee? Mmmm coffee.

Live band or DJ? Live band… at The Cameron House… on a Saturday!

Ninjas or pirates? Ninjas… I feel like I could sneak around town!

Life mantra

“She believed she could, so she FREAKIN did.”