No, this blog is NOT about how to make jam…or the benefits of jam….or my favourite kind of jam…or how to pump up the jam.

It is THREE PLAYLISTS…made in January…hence the January JAMS.



Not the drug, the TUNES.

This would be what one might describe as a workout playlist, or as Coach Jacq and I like to say, a TwerkOut playlist.

I found my iPod

It was under the fridge. Songs circa 2006-2008.

This is a true story, I blamed my missing iPod on my roomie for months…we finally cleaned under the fridge and there it was. Ahhh the mid 2000’s what a time to be running around TO in my 20’s…these were the tunes blasting through my non-wireless headphones from my purple iPod nano.


A blast of sonic ecstasy.

Not for the workouts, for the chill sessions. 

For your audible pleasure,

– Babs  

Enjoying the tines? Text us at 647.952.9449 to join us for a workout with some of these great musical hits! 

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