BINGO BANGO BOOM- WHAT A YEAR…we mean month! But if you followed along, you’d notice
that many of the check points were month long challenges from 2018!
In case you missed it, Janurary’s month Challenge consisted of 22 days and 30 bingo check
points. The participants had to record their check point and save them to their Instagram
stories. From trying Brooke’s delicious recipes, walking 15,000 steps in a day, celebrating
#selflove and hugging Skylar- we have kicked of February feeling more connected and inspired
than ever!
One thing that had our hearts feeling warm was the connection that this month brought. As
many of us know (or if you don’t know come join our community and you will FEEL it), All Day
Fit thrives on communal support and with all the time we spend together, it’s no wonder we
have such strong connections. This challenge was unlike any other because it involved being
vulnerable and sharing through your social media. The amount of support that was given
throughout the community has us feeling that we’ve become even closer, if that was even
possible?! We challenge you to continue to share your progress, knowing there is a whole
community and beyond out there to support you. Be proud of your wins, acknowledge any
losses and know that the more connected with yourself you become, the further you will go.
Here is a recap of what some of the community had to say:

“I’m proud of everyone! Hit another PR on swings last night! Got up to a red bell (32Kg)! I love
trying the recipes and getting to connect with all day fit members (new, old and the trainers)” -

“My proudest check point was the 10x10 squats considering that was the first time I had really
moved my body after the break! I really enjoyed creating Brooke’s recipes, I always looked at
them and thought it was going to be a hassle, it wasn’t at all ... it was easy and VERY
rewarding �� A new workout also got me out of the house on an afternoon I really didn’t want
to do anything but go home and watch tv” - Hana

“I have loved watching all the videos, seeing the progress and everyone’s mantras. Can’t wait to
see all the completed cards” -Babs

A HUGE thank you to everyone for being so dedicated and creative when it came to completing your Bingo card! Shout out to all the girls who hit PRs (personal records)! We were SO unbelievably proud to see everyone stepping up their game to see what they’re capable of. To us that proves you are ALWAYS stronger than you think! Keep your ears and eyes peeled for the next challenge to come!

Congrats to our winner and hotsauce extraordinaire Erica Bourgault-Assaf! 

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