Working out from home may not have been something you predicted yourself to be doing this year, however, here we are! We recognize that sometimes it is hard to separate what our rest times, work times and workout times are right now. How do we disconnect from everything else and reconnect with our body AND stay present in our workouts, when it’s probably in the middle of our living room?

Having a proper setup is important!

Here are a few tips to help set you up for success:

1. Create a routine: (like you would your morning routine or evening routine) to tell your brain it’s time to get ready to workout. This can look like a walk around the block, cranking your favourite playlist, having a certain food or drink, etc. For Jahmeek and Cassie, they like to blast a Champagne Papi playlist for a couple of songs to get them UP. 😁

2. Choose a space in your home that’s your designated workout area: Believe us, we know this is challenging in a small condo when you’re living room is usually your relax/unwind area. This could mean pushing furniture out of the way, signalling to your brain that IT’S GO TIME. 🟢

3. Invest in some equipment: – soup cans, laundry detergent, textbooks are useful FOR SURE. Bodyweight training also serves a purpose. However, a few pieces of equipment (weights and bands) can go a long way. In our opinion, not only helping with variety and intensity but the same mental aspect that happens when you shift your couch out of the living room. 💯 These are small pieces of equipment that you’ll have forever – in case you aren’t going to the gym or for travel!

4. Join a community: How come you haven’t joined the Online Hub yet? 😎 We have virtual classes and personal training! Join the team with THREE FREE CLASSES ON US!

We hope you’re using your workouts as a tool to support you. We are here to help with any questions – email us at admin@alldayfit.com.



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