As we practice social distancing, it’s also a good time to limit making frequent trips to the grocery store! Efficiently stocking your pantry and going into the store with a plan is the best way to do it. By buying smart, we can also limit shortages of food + panic, and leave enough for everyone to enjoy! <3

See below for a list of essentials for your pantry:

PASTA: Pasta is a great non-perishable food to keep on hand right now. I love to keep a few options in my pantry (long and short) to switch it up!

RICE: Brown, white, long-grain, quinoa, I always like to have them on hand! Rice is so versatile – there’s endless possibilities so you won’t get bored! 

BEANS: I keep both dried beans and canned beans stocked up! They’re great in soups, to eat on their own and a good source of both proteins and carbs.

EGGS: One of my faves! They’re a great addition to SO many dishes and also stand on their own. They keep for a long time in the fridge too!

FROZEN FRUITS + VEGETABLES: The perfect addition to smoothies – I love mango, mixed berries and pineapple! For vegetables, they’re great in soups/stews and stir-fries. I like to keep frozen spinach, kale, and mixed veg on hand.

CANNED FISH: One of my favourite non-perishable protein source to add to salads

GARLIC, SHALLOT + ONIONS: They make every meal THAT much better. Plus, they’re filled with so many immune boosting properties.

HOT SAUCE: To keep things SPICY and flavourful.

NUT BUTTER: No pantry is complete without your favourite nut butter. You can use it for salad dressings, baking, for snacking

TEA: Stock up on your favourite tea! They warm the soul.

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