We’ve all been there…

You’re pumped about your workout routine, feeling proud and strong, and then, your start missing your workouts. Inconsistency is one of the most common challenges in fitness.

Inconsistency can certainly be overwhelming, especially as many of us develop the ‘all or nothing’ mindset. However, ‘something’ is ALWAYS better than nothing. Here are 3 tips to help you stay consistent with fitness for the long-haul.

No. 1 Have someone or something hold you accountable.

Whether it be a coach, program or workout buddy, having an external expectation to show up to your workouts will help you remain consistent. Coming up with a fitness routine can be extremely difficult and may take the energy you’ve saved for your actual workout. Simultaneously sticking to that routine may put you overboard. Being held accountable to your workouts schedules them into your calendar and removes the guesswork … making it way more likely for you to show up!

No. 2 Set small goals. 

Small goals are the stepping stones to the bigger milestones. The small and gradual progress is where you build the foundation for your overall goal of consistent fitness. For instance, is your goal to workout 3x a week consistently for 12 months (and beyond)? Some weeks you’re not going to be able to achieve that! Life gets in the way or your body is trying to tell you something, all so normal! But what you can do, is set small goals that will eventually get you to your big picture item: consistent long-term training. An example of a small goal here: is on days where you can’t make your workout, set the goal to still move your body (i.e. walk, stretch, etc.). You’re choosing to develop a small action to still show up for yourself and your goal.

No. 3 Tune in to your other habits.

Health is a 360 approach. Meaning, all of the different health pillar (fitness, nutrition, stress, sleep, etc.) all affect one another. To remain consistent with fitness requires consistency in other aspects of your health as well. Are you struggling to make your workouts for the week? Tune into your sleep quality lately. If you’re lacking adequate rest, it will be much more challenging for your training habit. When you understand the impact all of your health habits have on each other, it is much easier to stay consistent with fitness because you are prioritizing habits (like sleep and nutrition) that impact your training so heavily!


Strong Academy, a small group personal training program, is the key to developing fitness as a consistent part of your life.

The program holds you accountable to a 12-week training program, so you can feel your strongest, most energized and confident self … for the long-haul.


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