How are you feeling about the upcoming holidays?

Although it’s a time of excitement from friends and family gatherings, it can also feel overwhelming due to inconsistency in your usual routine. This goes for sleep, nutrition, movement etc! 

However, as many of you have heard us say before, fitness affects every aspect of your life. So, if you develop a consistent fitness routine over the holidays, those other lifestyle habits will fall into place. Here are 3 ways to help you stay consistent with fitness over the holidays.

No. 1 Have someone or something hold you accountable.

Whether it be a coach, program or workout buddy, having an external expectation to show up to your workouts will help you remain consistent. During the holidays, coming up with a fitness routine can be extremely difficult. Simultaneously sticking to that routine may put you overboard. Being held accountable to your workouts schedules them into your calendar … making it way more likely for you to show up!

No. 2 Set expectations & small goals. 

Knowing the upcoming month will throw you off your schedule, set some realistic expectations about how fitness will look for you. If you normally workout 3x a week, can you make a goal of committing to 2x a week + 1 walk? Adapting your goals to your current environment prevents you from feeling disappointed in yourself – when really, you may have just had some unrealistic expectations about what your schedule looks like!

No. 3 Tune In.

Now is a perfect time to practice compassion for yourself. Recognize that it’s okay to fall out of your normal routine during the holidays. Listen to what your body and mind need. Do you need a boost of energy through some movement? Or do you need to rest and recharge either by extra sleep or some friends/family time? Tuning in and listening to what you need will help you feel more productive about your schedule over the holidays.

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