It’s no secret that cooking at home is a healthier option than takeout. This is because it allows you to control what goes into your body and the quality of your ingredients. However, let’s face it, money is precious and groceries are EXPENSIVE. So, you may be wondering… how can I grocery shop on a budget and when should I invest in more expensive items?

Introducing grocery shopping on a budget 101.

Meal Prep and plan ahead,

The first step to grocery shopping on a budget is knowing what you need to buy and ONLY buying those items. A great way to do this is to meal prep! Not sure where to start? Use one of Bab’s templates to get you started. Bonus tip: Refrain from shopping on an empty stomach and stick to your list!

Buy and meal prep in Season.

Buying in season means choosing items and recipes that are grown within your current season, perhaps locally. These ingredients are usually less expensive because they are more accessible and plentiful.

Shop bulk when you can.

Buying bulk gives you the power to only buy the amount you need. Say goodbye to food waste! In certain stores, it also allows you to buy more of an item for less. An example of this is Costco, which is great for items like meat, cheese and snacks. Bulk Barn is another great source for cooking and baking essentials.

It is also good to note which stores sell items for less and be ok with taking trips to multiple stores in order to save a dollar. 

Choose which items are worth buying organic.

The word organic gets thrown around a lot in the health industry. Advertisers are great at making organic seem sexy and essential, but when shopping on a budget, it is not always necessary. Being educated on the dirty dozen list and choosing which items are worth spending an extra dollar on is important. For instance, buying an organic apple may be more important than buying organic avocados. This is because of the thin skin on an apple vs. an avocado and the number of pesticides used. It is important to note which items you typically buy often and which items are most important to you. This will help you decide where it is worth it for you to invest. For example, buying organic meat may be more important to you than buying organic produce or nuts. You always have the freedom to decide what is best for your body and needs. 

Look for items on Sale!

Downloading apps like Flipp are great for letting you know when certain items are on sale. Additionally, shopping at grocery stores that use a points system is a great way to save money in the long run. Grocery shopping is something you will likely be doing every week and your points will certainly add up!

We hope this was helpful! If you’re looking for more recipe inspo, check out our blog here! Interested in learning more? Email Joe at admin@alldayfit.com to receive our weekly newsletter.

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