The coach tells you to hold a solid plank (prone bridge) for 1 minute and so many thoughts start going through your head:

“Ok. This can’t be that bad.”
“Alright, how much time left?”
“WHO voluntarily does this?”
“Did they just say this is FUN?!”

Half-way there!

“I am never coming back again”
“I’d like to see you do this!!”

Let’s be honest.  One of these thoughts have come up at least once,  maybe it was the first couple times you’ve done them.  Bridges don’t have to be brutally boring, so much that your mind wanders and you start to hate it.  But I won’t lie, they should be hard! And it still doesn’t mean we can’t make them fun 🙂

For core stability and full body control, I have compiled a list of FUN bridges that ARE going to make you want to try them again.

Prone bridge with knee flexion:
Grab a pilates ball, small foam roller, or yoga block and spice up your plank

Side bridge with banded horizontal row:
This combines activation of your back and core.  Need I say more? Grab a light band and make sure to keep that body inline while getting an additional back workout

Supine bridge with knee extension:
Is it worth it? Let me work it. I put my thing down flip it and reverse it.
Grab a pilates ball, small foam roller, or yoga block and jam to your favourite workout song while working this bridge variation

Side bridge top leg elevated with bottom option to add leg flexion:
You’ll need a bench for this one.  Want to be that person in the gym doing cool shit without actually looking like you’re going to break something?  Try this and you’re guaranteed to turn heads.

So there you have it.  Pick one to add to your workout routine and do it with a smile!
Have you tried any? Comment on your favourite below!

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