YESTERDAY was one of the most empowering days of my career. I have had so many great mentors who have impacted myself and All Day Fit and there is nothing I want to do more than to help others pursue their passions.

I teamed up with Ryerson University, the DMZ and Red Bull Canada to create a “Knowledge Drop”. We generated a conversation around entrepreneurship and how to follow your passion. I shared my top 10 lessons I have learned in the past year and a half since I launch All Day Fit (wowww 1.5 years, time flies). I want to thank everyone who came out.. the workout was crushed, the conversation was VERY open and engaged, so many questions asked and a lot of networking happening in the room, which also makes me very happy. I love bringing like minded people together. 💗

There is nothing more fulfilling than being an entrepreneur. You learn, you change, you adapt and you get tough. Just put the work in, always do the right thing and it’ll pay off. Successful people are the ones willing to put in the work that no one else will. 👊🏼

I’m planning to organize more business/fitness related talks – if you’re interested in being apart of one or have any entrepreneurship questions you want to ask, please comment away 🤗

Lead from the front. Trust your path. Lace up your own shoes, and wear them proudly!

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