Looking for a workout to do with your family this long weekend!?!  Check this workout out and get the entire family involved. It is a fun way to get the party started on Saturday morning…crank the tunes and wake up those who chose to sleep in 😀

Follow the workout with a caesar on the dock and a refreshing swim.

Playlist: giddy up 

Equipment List: 

  • 1 long band 
  • Speaker
  • Laptop screen to watch the videos 

Workout: 60 mins

Mobility - 10 mins

Full Body Flow:

Activation - 4 mins

Set 4 Min Timer
Goal: Get through 2-3 sets

Glute March | Reps: 10/leg
Bird Dog Iso | Reps: 10/leg

Main Set - 36 mins

Set A:

Set 12 Min Timer 
Goal: get through 3-4 sets

A1: Tall Kneel to Stand | Reps: 10/leg

*option to add weight if you have it.

A2: Push Up to Bear | Reps: 8 - 10 (bear → push up is 1)
A3: Quick Feet Crossovers | Reps: 8 crossovers per leg

Set B:

Set 12 Min Timer 
Goal: get through 3-4 sets

B1: Lateral lunge | Reps: 10/leg

*option to add weight if you have it.

B2: Banded Row | Reps: 10
B3: Twisties | Reps: 10/leg

If you don’t have sliders, use your socks. Grocery bags work well on carpet. If neither of these options work, do toe taps in the same position rather than sliding your foot out.

Set C:

Set 12 Min Timer 
Goal: get through 3-4 sets

Wall Pistons | Timer: 30/leg
C2: Pillow Slam | Time: 20 slams
C3: Side Bridge March | Timer: 10/leg
C4: Banded Deadbug | Timer: 20 extensions total

This can be done with a partner, each holding the band rather than hooking around something.

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