Tiny. Cute. Sweet. So healthy. Small.

These words once ruled my life. They were all I heard and what I held my worth to. They took control over my life and set an unhealthy standard of weight for me to try to maintain.

I’m not sharing for remorse, but to shed light on the power of words.

Have you ever been described as the _________ (fill in your blank) in your friend group? How did it make you feel? Now, ask yourself truthfully… how did it make you FEEL? What effect did/does that description have on your life?

For me, being known as the “small” one meant I WAS the small one. I became so tied to this that I was afraid to change. What if I gained weight and wasn’t “small” anymore? Who would I be? Would people still like me? What would I do? My identity became so attached to these words that I became unhealthy trying to stay true to them and to keep hearing them.

Don’t get me wrong, compliments are great! But in a society that puts certain body types, diets and life-styles on a pedestal, we need to emphasize deeper compliments. The ones that take up space, like positive ENERGY, creative thinking and confidence and less so on the physical descriptions.

What’s one compliment you love to hear that isn’t focused on your appearance? Email me admin@alldayfit.com, I’d love to hear from you.  💕

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