As I write this, I am cat sitting in the condo of a very dear friend of mine, having just finished dinner and am now thinking about an assignment that I need to edit. As I type this I am laughing at my brain. On one hand, a voice is telling me, “you can do it tomorrow”. As I sit here contemplating this, the other voice, (lucky me, I have two voices eh!) literally stopped my train of thought, shook its head and said, “no, let’s do it now”. This has been a constant internal conversation in my life the past few months and perhaps you can relate.

As humans, I have noticed that we tend to put things off, we don’t always stick to our commitments and when we fail, we feel defeated and depressed (at least I did and do). What happens if we challenge this? I know from personal experience that working on the assignment tomorrow is an option, but what impact will it have is the question. Another question is, why not use the time that I have right now to get it done? I will feel good about it and be able to use the time tomorrow for something else. What good does putting something off do for us?  (Insert “War” by Edwin Starr- “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING”. It simply causes stress to get it done, anxiety about catching up on other work, and sometimes (for me personally) poor work that I feel like a failure about.

This thought does not only reflect work. For instance, the other day I came home from a dinner with friends. I knew I had work tomorrow and that I had no lunch prepped. I also knew I would not want to spend money buying lunch out as I just had had dinner out. So, my only option was to make lunch at home. That loud voice rose up and said, “it’s a Saturday night, watch a movie and wake up early tomorrow to do it”. I pondered that for a second before I realized that that wouldn’t happen, and if it did, it would mean I would be grumpy and rushed and probably not packing the essentials I needed. SO, I decided to take the time and do it then. Not that making your lunch is very exciting (I think it is though!) but, I know I was a much better person in the morning when I knew my lunch and bag was ready to go. Leaving my house feeling prepared for the day allowed me to make the most of out of the day ahead.

I challenge you to challenge yourself when you have the thought, “I’ll do this tomorrow”. Whether it be with your workout routine in the gym, making better choices with your diet, or working on a project at work/school…the “do it tomorrow” mentality is training your brain that when these future questions/ feelings come up, we are more inclined to follow in the same path we have previously done. “I’ll do it now”. SAY IT. And do it now. You will thank yourself tomorrow.

On that note, I’m going to go edit m assignment now. But this was fun!

Joe, xo

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