Congratulations to Mallory, our February client of the month!🎉💜

6:30 am, when most people are in bed snuggled and warm, you will find Mallory prepped and ready for her workout with a huge smile on her face! No matter how she feels, what kind of sleep she had the night before, Mallory shows up with a positive attitude ready to CRUSH her workout. Even with her incredibly long work days (7 days a week no less) she has never missed a session and is always asking for a new challenge!

Mallory recently increased her training from twice a week to 3 times a week. Her dedication is evident in the improvements we have seen in her lifts as well as increasing her range of pain free motion, huge win!

Mallory I am so proud of your hard work and commitment. I absolutely love training you and watching your progress! Thank you for bringing gerat energy to every session, you are definitely kicking arthritis in the ass!

Coach Skylar <3

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