Congratulations to Jasneet, All Day Fit’s March Client of the Month! 🥳🙌

Jasneet has been personal training for over a year with All Day Fit. Over this time, she has learned and embraced the power of STRENGTH training. She also understands the importance of fueling her body properly. Once upon a time, she was under-eating and her diet was severely protein deficient. Fast forward to now, and she meal preps every single week to fuel her body with the right foods, including healthy vegetarian sources of protein with every meal!

In the last few months, she hit a major turning point in her journey. Jasneet decided to dial in and take her health to the next level, and the results have been incredible to watch. Her nutrition has been completely sugar-free for two months, and she has been working closely with a naturopath to optimize her health. She has committed to an evening and morning routine that have helped her prioritize her sleep and set herself up for success during the day. All of these have been changes that she has committed to outside of the gym, but they have presented themselves as MASSIVE strength gains inside the gym! She has been hitting personal records left and right in training. Her energy is at an all-time high and she is mentally dialled into every session.

I am extremely proud of Jasneet and the changes she has made. She is glowing in a way that I haven’t seen before, and it’s because she is HEALTHY and STRONG. Keep up the amazing work Jasneet!

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