Marisa has been training consistently with me for 3 months and her progress has been incredible! While she had some experience taking fitness classes and staying active on her own, she had never followed a consistent training program with a personal trainer. She came to All Day Fit hoping to improve her fitness and strength, to increase her energy and reduce stress, and to prepare for her wedding in December!

She is committed, consistent, and ALL IN for every training session, even when work is hectic or she feels a little under the weather, and her progress shows it! She is moving well and understands her body in ways she never has before. When Marisa started training, she had a goal to complete a full push-up. Three months later she can do eight in a row! She also told me early on that she “wasn’t a good jumper.” Three months later she is jumping onto a two-foot box with beautiful technique. As far as strength is concerned, her lifts are looking extremely strong; she was able to get under the bar for the first time in her squats, and she has been deadlifting some serious weight.

Marisa explained to me that training makes her feel like it is easier to conquer other tasks in her life… And she’s not just talking about physical activities! Somehow remembering that she is able to overcome her doubts and fears in the gym makes it easier for her to get through a long meeting or get the extra work done when she doesn’t feel up to it.

CONGRATULATIONS on your progress Marisa! I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring for us in the gym.

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