This beautiful lady has been training with All Day Fit for one year, and her journey has been inspiring in countless ways.

Initially, Sophie was motivated to start personal training because she had never found that one special “thing” that inspired her to be active; she saw friends around her who were excited to get to the gym and live healthy lifestyles, but working out always felt like a chore to her. She worked in the service industry for a long time, but at 34 years old, she was craving an overhaul of her unhealthy habits.

Fast-forward to today, and Sophie is in the gym with me five days a week, has learned the importance of healthy homemade meals, and has seen her posture and strength improve dramatically. Despite all these amazing changes, the most powerful part of Sophie’s journey came after she experienced a scary and debilitating injury back in October.

Eight months ago, Sophie suffered a nerve-related shoulder injury that left her unable to do simple tasks such as drink from a water bottle or blow-dry her hair. It was scary to hear from her doctor that a woman in her thirties might never fully regain function of her left arm.

Instead of letting it defeat her, Sophie decided she was ALL IN for rehab and training. She was fully committed to overcoming her injury. After putting in the time five days a week, today she has regained full range of motion in her arm and her strength is virtually back to normal. The first time she pressed a weight over her head (something she couldn’t dream of doing a few months ago) we both cried, because we knew what an incredible win it was.

These are the real wins. Description: ️These are the moments that matter. Taking control of your body and mind so that they allow you to live your best life… that’s what training is all about.

Congratulations to our Client of the Month, Sophie Matis!/span>

Love, Coach Casey

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