If we had to sum this weekend up in one sound, not even word, it would be HAHAHAHA. There were so many laughs this weekend…we have the picture evidence to prove it. 

We all managed to survive the white out conditions on Friday and arrived safely at the chalet. 

Thanks to the self named “hype lady,” Cathy really set the tone for the weekend by demanding a PJ Twin Dance Off between Skylar/Christina and Beth/Babs. Skylar and Christina came out the winners and earned bragging rights for the rest of the weekend. The PJ Party really ramped up with a massive group dance party…really blowing Cassie’s mind as claims she has never been to a party where “everyone is standing at the same time!” 

Saturday was jam packed with activities, delicious food, costumes, saying cheers to the governor and karaoke. We couldn’t have asked for better snowshoeing conditions, fresh powder, blue skies, not too cold and almost a full set of working snowshoes! Acro-yoga was an incredible bonding experience and a true testament to balance, patience and teamwork.

Everyone looked New Orleans ready with their masks, tutu’s, sparkles, boas and beads! No wonder those boys left a note on the door, they were jealous of sweet costumes.

A HUGE shout out to Trulocal, Wholly Veggie, Better Than Yia’s Yia’s and Mid-Day Squares who kept us fed all weekend. The fresh meat from Trulocal melted in your mouth, made the recipes even better and was much needed after our epic activities. Thanks to Wholly Veggie and Better Than Yia’s Yia’s for sponsoring our chalet lunch on Saturday, the perfect fuel for acro-yoga. The Midday Squares were a much needed pick me up after yoga and pre-mardi gras party.

Interested in joining the All Day Fit Community? Come check out our classes and sweat with the crew, we love meeting new humans.

An even BIGGER thank you to Nolan for hooking us up with Ace Hill beer and Spirit of York vodka and gin. Don’t forget all the drinks courtesy of Socialite! As Chazz Michael Michaels says…”it gets the people going”…and did it ever. The PJ dance party was epic, Casey will never hear the number 4 the same way again thanks to Cheers to the Governor and everyone’s vocals got an extra workout in during the most hilarious karaoke session.

We are still laughing at all the shenanigans of the weekend. Looking forward to round 4 in 2021.

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