Founder & Personal Trainer

Cassie Day

Cassie’s Journey
to founding All Day Fit

I’m an athlete, a coach, a nutrition nut, a female force and a fitness personality. I have a genuine love and passion for fitness and the lifestyle I choose to live, and I wake up every day looking to spread positivity and rays of energy to those around me.

I am a daughter, a big sister, a girlfriend,  and a friend. I stand tall and proud knowing that I am a role model to those around me and I thrive off of empowerment, knowing that together we can encourage each other to be the best we can be! I believe that there are no limits and that each of us are born with the power to achieve our dreams. Be strong, stay positive and THINK BIG.

What’s your morning ritual?

I like to wake up and go! Wake up 5:45: changed, hair up, teeth brushed, out the door and at work by 6am. After my first two clients, I come back home for a podcast while I cook breakfast.

What's your favourite book?

The Happiness Project.

What does balance mean for you?

Doing whatever makes me happy at the time and being ok with the decision I made. Everyone has their own balance. For me, it’s a combination of work and personal time. Personal time needs to be divided up between boyfriend, friends, family and Cassie time. In terms of exercise it means working out 4-5 times a week, but knowing it’s ok if some weeks I only get 2-3 in. Eating clean/healthy comes naturally to me, so the balance is when I don’t eat as clean/healthy as I usually do knowing that it’s ok also. It’s a really a healthy mindset around each of these things.

Describe a perfect day off.

Having nothing scheduled. My entire life is based around a schedule and everyone else’s schedule. Every Sunday I take as a personal day and I refuse to schedule anything.. Especially an alarm. Sometimes this could mean groceries and cleaning; Others it could be brunch and an adventure… But whatever it is it’s not planned!

What’s your signature workout move(s)’?

Turkishgetups, pull ups and deadlifts.


Level 2 Coach| Darby Training Systems
Olympic Lifting| Darby Training Systems
Lower Back Fundamentals | Darby Training Systems
Beginner & Advanced Kettle Bell | Darby Training Systems
Animal Flow | Darby Training Systems

Upper Body Joint Mobility and Movement | Agatsu
Olympic Lifting Level 1 | Agatsu

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, 2016 | Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Kick Boxing Coach | Big Hit Studio

MyBootcamp Certified | GoodLife Personal Training Institute 2014
Level 4 Personal Trainer | GoodLife Personal Training Institute 2014

Personal Trainer Specialist 2009 | Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc.

Business Degree | Saint Mary’s University