CEO and Head of Personal Training

Cassie Day

I’m an athlete, a coach, a nutrition nut, a female force and a fitness personality. I have a genuine love and passion for fitness and the lifestyle I choose to live, and I wake up every day looking to spread positivity and rays of energy to those around me.

I am a daughter, a big sister, a girlfriend,  and a friend. I stand tall and proud knowing that I am a role model to those around me and I thrive off of empowerment, knowing that together we can encourage each other to be the best we can be! I believe that there are no limits and that each of us are born with the power to achieve our dreams. Be strong, stay positive and THINK BIG.

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What’s your morning ritual?

I like to wake up and go! Wake up 5:45: changed, hair up, teeth brushed, out the door and at work by 6am. After my first two clients, I come back home for a podcast while I cook breakfast.

What's your favourite book?

The Happiness Project.

What does balance mean for you?

Doing whatever makes me happy at the time and being ok with the decision I made. Everyone has their own balance. For me, it’s a combination of work and personal time. Personal time needs to be divided up between boyfriend, friends, family and Cassie time. In terms of exercise it means working out 4-5 times a week, but knowing it’s ok if some weeks I only get 2-3 in. Eating clean/healthy comes naturally to me, so the balance is when I don’t eat as clean/healthy as I usually do knowing that it’s ok also. It’s a really a healthy mindset around each of these things.

Describe a perfect day off.

Having nothing scheduled. My entire life is based around a schedule and everyone else’s schedule. Every Sunday I take as a personal day and I refuse to schedule anything.. Especially an alarm. Sometimes this could mean groceries and cleaning; Others it could be brunch and an adventure… But whatever it is it’s not planned!

What’s your signature workout move(s)’?

Turkishgetups, pull ups and deadlifts.


Level 2 Coach | Darby Training Systems
Olympic Lifting | Darby Training Systems
Lower Back Fundamentals | Darby Training Systems
Beginner & Advanced Kettle Bell | Darby Training Systems
Animal Flow | Darby Training Systems

Upper Body Joint Mobility and Movement | Agatsu
Olympic Lifting Level 1 | Agatsu

Kick Boxing Coach | Big Hit Studio

MyBootcamp Certified | GoodLife Personal Training Institute 2014
Level 4 Personal Trainer | GoodLife Personal Training Institute 2014

Personal Trainer Specialist 2009 | Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc.

Functional Strength Coach | Body By Boyle

Onnit Foundations | Onnit

Business Degree | Saint Mary’s University