Personal Trainer & Holistic Nutritionist in Training

Carolyn Tran

If there was one thing I could say right now that I was meant to be doing, it would be coaching. I’ve had a lot of doubts and scares that have held me back from pursuing my career in fitness, but something always drew me back. I believe people should make the time to do what they love, to not hold back, and do it because it makes you feel good. My passion is what drives me, and this is why I choose to be a coach. Because really, if I didn’t realize this at age 6 when I was doing sit ups during commercials or in high school where I would train my friends for fun, it became obvious when I chose to go with what really felt right.

I have experience playing volleyball at a club level in high school as well as some varsity in college. I have been a recreational boulder climber for a few years and am also a competitive powerlifter.

I feel empowered by strength and becoming a stronger climber and I want my clients to feel their form of empowerment when they’re in the gym with me.

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How do you start your day?

I wake up, take a deep breath, then get out of bed. I wash up and usually tie my hair in a bun. I head downstairs to brew coffee and prep a glass of warm lemon water. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, so I’ll always start my day cooking breakfast.

What does balance mean to you?

It means finding what works best for you.
It means doing the things that bring harmony to your life. 
For me, balance means I get to eat food for fuel, while also enjoying a treat without guilt. It means I find time to spend with loved ones. I make time to put in work and time to relax and do nothing. I workout and train hard for meet prep and I have fun bouldering on off days. Balance is everything.

Describe a perfect day off.

Waking up to sunshine, opening the window for fresh air and turning on my nebulizer with Liquid Sunshine. Eating a colourful homecooked breakfast for fuel to go outdoor climbing. Crash pads, climbing shoes, and snacks packed in the car ready to go – also, definitely stopping at Beechwood Donuts to pick up a treat to crush after climbing!

Top life hacks?

  • Saje’s Peppermint Halo: natural remedy for killer headaches/migraines
  • Double Cleansing for vibrant skin: (1) coconut oil cleanse (2) regular cleanser
  • Dates: before, during or after a workout as a sweetener… or anytime for naturally sweet, glycogen-restoring deliciousness


Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner | Ontario Fitness Council

FPM Barbell Training Specialist | Yes to Strength

Level 1 | DTS

Barbell Fundamentals | DTS

Kettlebell Level 1 | Agatsu

Holistic Nutrition – Edison Institute of Nutrition (In Progress)

Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma – Humber College

Functional Range Conditioning