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Our Top 5 Takeaways from Winter 2019 Strong Academy

As we look back on Winter 2019 Strong Academy, we can’t help but feel all the feels! We’re grateful to…

My Secret To Drinking More Water

Let's face it, the majority of us can agree that we all need to drink more water throughout the day.…

How do you Celebrate the Day? The Après Way!

What. A. Weekend!! It was a picture-perfect ski weekend - a beautiful chalet with a view of the slopes, awesome…
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Remove ‘Stressed’ From Your Vocabulary

Dear Reader, You’re human, you’re allowed to be weak. You are allowed to feel stressed. You are allowed to get…

Mobility March Week 3

Mobility March: Week 3 Upper and Lower Body Sequences  Do you have tight hips and texting neck? Give yourself 30…
Client Feature

Personal Training Member of The Month – Ashley Koh

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year of training with this incredible human being. No matter what, or how…

Fight for Her

Women's Kickboxing Mega Class Karina and I co-coached 100+ females during Fight for Her, in support of Sistering. The team…
Cassie Day
March 28, 2017

Alberta Trip

Edmonton to Calgary This road trip is a big deal. The drive through the Rocky Mountains is one of the…
Cassie Day
September 6, 2016