All Day Fit x Chef’s Vault Cooking Night

What:  A Virtual Cooking Experience! 

When: Saturday May 15, 6:00 PM

Where: In Your Kitchen! 

We are partnering with Chef’s Vault to bring you a Virtual Cooking Night Experience.


A FUN and INFORMATIVE cooking experience! Chef Adam Tinsley will be taking us through all the details that go with creating a simple, healthy and delicious meal. Adam and his team will:

  • Explain the WHY behind different cooking techniques and signs to look for when cooking protein
  • Talk about different chopping and cutting methods
  • Teach how heat and cooling affects different foods
  • Give background information on how to make ingredient substitutions
  • Address when to use different oils and fats in cooking  
  • Walk us through their meat supply selection process and why they are working with their current supplies 
  • Telltales from working in different Michelin Star kitchens 

Following the cooking, we will eat together for those who would like to remain on the call! 


Baked Scallops with Fennel Apple Dill Dressing 

Steak with Lobster Tail and Chimichurri & Watercress Salad


Purchase this All Day Fit Bundle (good for 1 or 2 people) by Monday, May 10 at 10:00 AM. With this purchase, you will be enrolled in the Virtual Cooking Night. Following your purchase, you will receive an email with ALL of the details and a grocery shopping list.


When you purchase meat, do you know where it comes from? Do you think about how it is farmed – and what that really means? 

Chef’s Vault prioritizes delivering the highest quality of ethically sourced meat and seafood within Ontario. Their goal is to inspire you to sharpen your skills, broaden your taste buds and ignite a passion for at-home cooking.

For land-based proteins, Chef’s Vault ensures their suppliers practice sustainable operation. Their beef supplies, 8 Acres, removes an enormous amount of carbon from the atmosphere, regenerates the land around it, and treats the animals humanely. 

Chef’s Vault, commitment is to not only provide you with products from the best suppliers in Canada but also to make it easy to follow a sustainability mandate that aligns with ours.


Do you have questions and are looking for answers!? Chat with Babs, the coordinator of this Virtual Cooking Experience! You can reach Babs by texting her at 647.952.9449 or email her 

See you in your kitchen on Saturday, May 15th!  

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