My stomach is full of Brookes delicious food, my face hurts from all the smiles and my head feels foggy from Jahmeeks tasty cocktails – another AMAZING All Day Fit party in the books!

Everyone looked so beautiful, we loved seeing the all the sparkles, such a change from workout clothing. Maybe next party we should do a clothing swap because everyone has such amazing wardrobes! Dibs on Ksenia’s closet.


Let’s take a moment to reflect on the incredible, mouth-watering and elaborate hors d’oeuvres that Brooke (and Maks) spent several hours preparing from scratch. These were a highlight of the night and if they are any indication of Brooke’s cooking workshops to come, sign us up ASAP! Of course we have to do a shout out to Casey’s jalapeno poppers – cheers to the lucky few that got the super spicy ones – we saw those tears rolling down your face 😊

When you hear cookies and M&Ms you think deserts…not Casey’s hilarious games! As always, the games provided endless entertainment and are great bonding experiences. The Unwrap the Impossible game went by WAY faster then expected…looks like all of you have been working out and were able to rip open the packing easily.


Thanks to everyone for coming out, it wouldn’t have been such a fun evening without all of you. Thanks to Emma for catching all the smiles and making that awesome secret video!

Cheers to a happy and healthy holiday season and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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