Working out at the cottage!?! 

The cottage is for playing in the water, running through the grass, sipping delicious cocktails, spending time with family and friends, having bonfires and bbqing anything and everything. 

Heading into summer 2020 my perspective was different, having had months of at home workouts AND access to my beloved community online. I was so excited to head to my cottage and maintain my workout routine as well as the opportunity to introduce my family to some awesome workouts and even cooler people. 

Adding training to my cottage experience was incredible and it will become a new norm for summers and weekends to come. Here is why we (my family and I loved it):

  1. Early mornings on the water are beautiful! We were up, crushing out a workout with a beautiful backdrop and enjoyed a cup of post workout cup of coffee, all before 9:00 AM
  2. I personally felt physically, mentaly and emotionally great! I never had any guilt about not getting a workout in and I had more energy to do some laborious tasks in the hot summer sun. 
  3. Sharing my community and inspiration with my family! They loved experiencing All Day Fit and couldn’t wait to get back in the Hub for the next workout. 
  4. Watching my family members feel accomplished after lifting a heavy weight or performing an exercise they have never done before. 
  5. Finding random things around the cottage that can be used to amplify the workout! Yes we had some weights but we also were using rocks, heavy coolers (that got lighter as the weekend went on of course), our grandmothers decorative pillows :D, flower pots and firewood.
  6. Post weekend workouts we grabbed caesars and hit the dock to cool off! There was lots of chatter about what everyone learned and feeling the burn in our glutes, lats and core. 

What will you try at your cottage with your family? Who can you get involved!? Get your family to join us in the Hub for Saturday Morning Power at 9:00 AM! Or try this workout designed for a cottage (minimal equipment and fun to do in a group). 

Check out all the options in the Online Hub and bring All Day Fit to your family and cottage. 

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