Hot damn, 2019 was fast but fantastic year!

At All Day Fit, we are serious about feedback. Last year we asked you to fill out a survey on how we were doing and where we could improve. There were some common suggestions and themes that helped shape our 2019 goals. It is time to do a gut check with you on the progress we have made based on your feedback. 

So here we go!

What we asked: Are there any areas you believe we could improve on?

What you said: Would love some more class times and options for classes.

What we did: Music to our ears! The more opportunity we have to see you and make you sweat the better. We did exactly what you asked. All Day Athlete with Jahmeek  was created to work on sprinting and explosiveness. Not one, but TWO, morning Move Strong classes were added with Coach Carolyn. Wednesday mid-mornings now feature a new class, Hump Day Pump, with Coach Brooke. 

We are continuing to grow our class options!

What you said: More nutrition services, like a meal plan or cooking workshops.

What we did: Coach Brooke put on her Nutrition cap and got to work creating a Meal Prep Plan that we have shared with all of you. It is full of delicious recipes and tips and tricks for meal prepping. Brooke also hosted a cocktail workshop in the summer that was a huge success! 

What you said: Update us through email, not just on Facebook.

What we did: We get it, not everyone uses Facebook as religiously as we do. So Cassie hired Babs to help operate and organize. Babs started writing emails and as a result we have been better at sending out updates and important dates through email. We will continue to work on this until we get it right! If you want to get in touch with Babs about anything don’t hesitate to send her an email at barbara@alldayfit.com. 

What you said: A class on stretching or rolling.

What we did: We took it one step further and did an entire month long challenge on mobility! During the challenge we hosted a workshop on stretching and rolling as well as ran 3 Sunday classes. All of the materials now live on our YouTube channel for you to reference and do your own mobility sessions at home.

What you said: More community events.

What we did: This year has been chock-full of community events and we couldn’t be happier about it. Some of the 2019 community event highlights include: 

Blue Mountain in March, dance class & potluck in April, 2 walks in May as part of 300K in May, All Day Fit Recess in support of CF, Cheers to 3 Years in June, 2 different period talks, in July we did the Sip & Sing workshop and picked up garbage as part of Plastic Free July, September featured the Self Love workshop and in October we hosted our first ever Book Club

As community is the cornerstone of All Day Fit we will continue to offer events, workshops, meet-ups and more.

What we asked: Do you feel challenged during your workouts?

What you said: Sometimes there are longer breaks between circuits when people are chatting and I don’t feel like I’m training hard for the whole duration of class.

What we did: Got Cassie a timer! But in all seriousness, we perfected the flow of the hour down to the minute to stay on track and make sure you get in the All Day Fit essentials: mobility, stability, strength and a finisher.

What you said: Interesting movements and great cues but sometimes I wish there was a little more variety.

What we did: We went back to school! All of our coaches immersed themselves in different courses to learn variations and new movements. We also brought on some new coaches with different backgrounds. How are your glutes feeling after the crazy slam ball moves? Or banded exercises? Have you tried our fun plays on the bridge? Brushed up on our cues?

What we asked: Are there any services you would like to see offered by All Day Fit that we do not currently offer?

What you said: Move self awareness/love/open circle discussions.

What we did: Self Love September came back for another year of open conversations and focusing on the importance of journaling in your self love journey.

What you said: Connections to massage therapists and chiropractors.

What we did: We partnered with Oh Fast! All Day Fit community members receive 50% off their first visit. Oh Fast also hosted a shoulder workshop for community members to learn about proper form, exercises to maintain healthy range of motion and how to know what’s right for your shoulders. We are continuing to develop our partnerships with external services, if you have any recommendations or requests shoot them our way.

What you said: More All Day Fit merch!

What we did: We created our online shop and branded a bunch of merch. Now you can dress exactly the coaches and Cassie with all the essentials…scrunchies, slides, tanks and cropped hoodies.

Do you have any further suggestions, comments or questions?

What you said: Get involved with charities or local organizations that promote health and wellness.

What we did: Good on you for encouraging and reminding us to stay on top of our Corporate Social Responsibility! We loved getting this feedback and we dove in head first. 

For all of July we talked about plastic and the harmful effect it has on our bodies, the environment and our future. You guys, our amazing community, embraced Plastic Free July and helped us spread the word, cut down your plastic use and came out in the rain to pick up garbage along our waterfront. 

In support of one of our very own, Coach Skylar, we hosted an event in support of Cystic Fibrosis Canada. We had 60 people come out to play games at All Day Fit Recess and raise $3000 for research towards CF Canada. 

Our team also held down a station at HIIT The 6ix which raised funds for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in support of cancer research because FUCK CANCER.

What you said: Can we have more community photoshoots?

What we did: Great idea! We had a few community photoshoots and plan to have many more. We will always do call outs for who wants to be involved.

Your feedback and input is beyond valuable to us. We can’t thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedules to help is out. There will be a 2019 survey coming soon and we are looking forward to hearing everything you have to say. 


The All Day Fit Team

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