5 Ways Strong Academy Has Changed My Life

Hi! My name is Joe and I recently completed my 3rd round of Strong Academy. I am continuously in awe by how much Strong Academy has changed my life and I thought it was time that I put it into words. 

Realize my potential.

Let’s face it, there is NOTHING more badass than lifting a weight heavier than you ever thought you could, let alone a weight in general. Not only do we have the most supportive, caring and knowledgeable coaches there to believe in us, but throughout the three months of Strong Academy, we learn proper techniques to move stronger and healthier inside the gym and out. The stronger I become the more I begin to believe in myself. This translated into other parts of my life as well.

Building Resilience.

Strong Academy has enabled me to build self-confidence and resilience. I once felt very lost in the world. Nothing really felt like mine and my schedule and life felt out of control. This lead to me finding ways to feel in control…and they weren’t healthy! Restrictive eating and over-exercising became my coping mechanism. The further down this tunnel I travelled, the more anxious and insecure I became. With Academy, I began dedicating 3 days a week to ME. I’ve built confidence and resilience, helping me take ownership back over my life. Now I FEEL IN CONTROL. I look forward to seeing the more that I become.

Calmed my anxiety.

I have been living with a tremendous amount of anxiety in my life. Strong Academy has challenged me to slow down and tune into the moment. Our coaches as us questions like, “how does your body feel?”, “How much sleep did you get?”, “Did you eat enough to feel satisfied and energized?”. Doing these self-reflections have allowed me to feel more confident in my own feet. I began to understand what trusting yourself feels like and my anxiety went down significantly. There are still times when my anxiety arises, but that is when I call my friend “resilience” to assist me in figuring out what I need at that moment to feel at peace.

Healing my experience with disordered eating.

I obsessed over the amount (yes in numbers) that I was eating. I was focused on calories instead of nutrients. Strong Academy has allowed me to begin to understand how quality food actually makes me FEEL. With our workshop on nutrition, I learned about the different kinds of nutrients that our bodies need and how our digestive system actually works. The more I learned, the more I realized that if I give to my body in quality food, it will give back to me in energy and strength. Since starting Strong Academy in January, I’ve begun my intuitive eating journey. I can proudly say I removed the world GUILT from my life.  As Babs taught me… If I want the cookie, I eat the damn cookie and I enjoy it!

Build relationships.

I must preface this by stating that I once believed I was alone in the way I felt and that things would never change. Joining All Day Fit and Strong Academy made me realize that that is not the case by any means. It is an incredibly safe and supportive environment filled with  like-minded individuals from every walk of life (I’m talking 20- 60-year-olds, all shapes and sizes, and any occupation). Strong Academy feels like family, everyone is there to support one another and grow together. The amount of friends I have met warms my heart to think about. Every class leaves me with positive energy that fuels me through the rest of my day. 

I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of this team and I hope reading this has inspired you to want to join a team like this (maybe with us!!) as well 🙂


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