Parchment Paper

Why: When baking it helps with evenly spreading the heat, it eliminates sticking to the bottom of the pan, it is far superior to lining anything with aluminum foil and it makes for an easier clean up.

The answer to the common question, “is parchment paper really necessary?” is HECK YES! It will change your life.

Good Quality Sharp Knives

Why: Have you ever heard the saying “the most dangerous knife is a dull knife?” This is true, a dull blade is actually more dangerous to use than a sharp one because a dull blade requires more pressure to cut. More pressure means more force is being applied, this increases the likelihood the knife will slip and result in injury. A sharp knife requires less pressure and force, it will slide through the surface more readily. 

What to Buy: 

Victoriaknox Table Knife – A great generic knife and awesome for cutting vegetables, especially those with soft skin.

Santoku Knife or Chef’s Knife – Depending on how much cooking you do, you can make use of both of these. But if you are looking to invest in ONE knife, both of these are great options. Be sure to wash and dry it right away, do not let it soak and hone it regularly so it cuts with perfection/minimize the chances of slipping and resulting in injury. 

All In One Immersion Blender

Why: Because you can do sooooooooooooooooooooooo many things with this. I use it at least 3-4 times a week for sauces, dressings, baking, chopping, mixing and blending.

What to Buy: There are many different Immersion Blenders out there, mine is Breville. I bought this 5 years ago and it is still going strong!

Mixing Bowls

Why: I can’t stress enough the importance of using the right tools to get the job done in the kitchen. I used to try and minimize the bowls used to cut down on dishes, this made for frustrated cooking and recipes that flop. The more bowls you have the more organized you can be and the easier it will be to set up your mise en place (should be a standard practice whenever cooking!). 

What to Buy: I prefer glass and like this option from Crate & Barrel as it has all sizes! Pick what will work with that you already have and try your best to stay away from plastic. 

A Cast Iron Skillet

Why: Cast-iron is some serious heavy-duty kitchen equipment that will last for a very long time provided it is cared for properly. Cast-iron skillets are incredibly versatile, they can be used for sauteing, pan-frying, searing, baking, braining, broiling, roasting and even more cooking techniques. These skillets will heat up quickly, spread heat evenly and remain hot…the ideal pan!

What to Buy: I highly recommend investing in one. Amazon has tons of great deals, packages and sizes. This is the cast iron skillet I have

Whenever I rent AirBnB’s or chalets these are the items that I will 100% bring with me as I can’t imagine a kitchen without them. What is something from your kitchen that you can’t live without? 

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