Your body has an amazing way of communicating its needs. When training consistently, it’s important to listen to those needs to be most effective with your workouts.

Here Are 3 Signs You’re Overtraining

(And Under-Recovering)

No. 1: You have persistent injuries or muscle soreness

Persistent pain or soreness is a sign you’re overusing your muscles and preventing your body from a proper recovery. Your workouts should be giving more than they are taking. Meaning, your body should be feeling good after workouts as opposed to fatigued and in pain!

No. 2: Your resting heart rate is elevated

Have your workouts felt like more effort lately? This may be because your heart rate is unusually high during or after your workouts. Overtraining can prevent your heart rate from coming down after training, and thus, your resting heart rate is higher than usual.

No. 3: Your performance is declining

When your muscles are overexerted, your body cannot expend the proper energy to build strength. As a result, not only is your performance weaker but your desired results are as well.


If you feel like you might be overtraining, the most important thing you could do to counteract  the strain on your body is to prioritize recovery. What does that look like? This means optimal sleep, nutrition, and hydration habits, as well as integrating proper warm-ups into your workouts.

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