Do you ever feel like you haven’t made any progress in your fitness journey?

Have you felt like the time and energy you’ve put toward your fitness goals isn’t giving you the return you’re looking for? There’s no doubt that that is a frustrating feeling. Feeling like you’ve accomplished little progress can feel as though your goals are unattainable in the first place.

There may be three reasons that are holding you back from reaching your health goals. Here they are…

No.1 Your goals are based on your physical appearance.

Your physical appearance should not measure the success of your fitness journey. Unfortunately, the media has set unrealistic standards as to what health looks like. As a result, you may associate health with a small figure and assume that is the best measurement of success for you as well. When really, health truly comes in all shapes and sizes. In fact, the best measurement is HOW YOU FEEL. Are you feeling energized, strong and confident? Striving to FEEL a certain way, versus look a certain way, allows your fitness goals to be much more attainable and the process be more enjoyable.

No. 2 You’re relying on random workouts versus a structured program.

Random workouts lack the accountability to make fitness a consistent part of your life. More often than not, random workouts lead to the stopping-and-starting cycle; for instance, 1 month you’re consistent with fitness, and the next you’ve stopped altogether. As a result, you’re doing workouts for the sake of working out versus following a program that’s designed to help you reach your goals

No. 3 You’re not connecting your lifestyle habits with your motivation to train.

Fitness affects every aspect of your life … and vice versa! When you’ve optimized your nutrition, hydration, sleep, and stress your motivation to train is much higher. When your motivation to train increases you are able to give more to your workouts, i.e., increased intensity (without risk of burnout), increased efficiency, increased body awareness, etc. Your time is precious, make the most out of your workouts/training sessions by dialling into the other 23 hours of the day.



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