Are you afraid of carbohyrdates?

Unlearning diet culture is extremely difficult – especially when these are topics we’ve learned for many years.

Carbohydrates are one term in particular that many associate negatively with health. However, carbohydrates have MANY benefits, and actually contribute to a healthy functioning body!

Here are 3 benefits to incorporating carbohydrates into your meals consistently.


No.1 Increases your energy

Carbohydrates are necessary fuel for the brain and the body – they are the body’s first source of energy. The glucose from carbohydrates is converted into the energy your brain and muscles need to function. However, your brain can’t store too much glucose at a time, so it needs frequent replenishment through carb-rich meals.

No. 2 Improves digestion & gut health

Whole grains (which are carb-rich) promote the growth of lactic acid-producing bacteria (good bacteria). This assists in your digestive health to maintain bowel movements, which means you are less likely to feel bloated because your body is constantly and efficiently eliminating waste. Additionally, your brain and gut communicate – when the brain is functioning best (refer to No.1), your gut is too!

No.3 Improves your mood

Carbohydrates contain loads of Vitamin B. This vitamin increases seratonin levels – a brain chemical that improves and stabilizes your mood.

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