WHAT A YEAR. An Insider’s TELL ALL.  

Author: Babs Candlish

In November 2019 our team sat down and outlined goals we wanted to achieve in 2020. 

We discussed program evolution and what that would look like. We mapped out some really cool community events that would foster connections. We reviewed YOUR feedback and weighted that into every decision. With the help of our business mentors, we built out an entire system that would allow us to accomplish everything we set out to. 

On the morning of December 23, 2019, I sat by the fire, coffee in hand, talking to Cassie about how 2020 was going to be our year. We wished each other Happy Holidays and took a few days to relax before diving into an exciting 2020. 

Picking back up after the holidays our team was ready to goooooo. The first few months of 2020 brought us…

Strong Academy with the largest cohort of active team members we ever had.
Strength Series, a 4-part clinic series on mobility, squat, deadlift and push/pull, launched with a class of 12 people eager to hone in on form.
Our 3rd annual Blue Mountain Weekend!  We went snowshoeing, learned acro-yoga and celebrated Mardi Gras.
Our first Womxn’ s Day event focused on the Pelvic Floor…this may have just been an excuse for Cassie to get vagina cupcakes…one will never know.

On the morning of Sunday March 15, I was once again relaxing by a fire looking out at the ski hill, this time however the conversation I was having with Cassie was much different. Despite the world pausing around us due to COVID-19, Cassie already had the philosophical wheels in her brain turning and 3 days later we launched the Online Hub! 

One of our goals was to get online in 2020, this was a giant push to get our act in gear. Behind the scenes, we were working tirelessly to deliver top-notch service and training. 

Myself and Joe were busy designing and creating the backend of the Online Hub. Casey launched the Mindfulness program to help on the mental and emotional side of life. Skylar, Brooke, Sarah and Carolyn were reaching out to clients, coaching 1:1 virtually and hosting community events. Cassie was coaching 7 days a week in the Hub, holding the team together and talking to every single community member. Laura was engaging our community through IG and keeping us connected and Jahmeek was becoming a much-loved Online Hub coach.

We were busier than ever. We were excited about all the possibilities that lay ahead to help our community through the biggest world event of our generation. 

As I sit and write this, it is December 1st, 2020, a time for reflection on the year past and excitement at the new year ahead. There are a lot of mixed emotions about 2020 but one thing I can say for certain is that I am beyond PROUD of this team and community. 

Collectively we did some pretty INCREDIBLE things…

The Team

Brooke welcomed baby Mila into her life! 

Casey has taken a role at DTS and is flourishing in her new role.

Carolyn is growing her brain and has gone back to school for Athletic Therapy. 

Laura opened her very own store on Ossington called PERMISSION.

Jacq joined the team as a full-time coach.

Joe has officially become the Community Coordinator. 

Skylar is coaching all of her clients virtually and working on a new project. 

Sarah went back to school and is working on undergrad while maintaining a full-time job.

Cassie masterminded all of our programs – Online Hub, All Day Athlete, OnDemand and Remote Training. 

Jahmeek became a 3rd class firefighter and launched his own program, All Day Athlete. 

Natey joined the All Day Athlete coaching team.

I got engaged, moved, took a few courses and created a kickass Online Hub system.

Everyone on the team used this time to advance their knowledge by participating in courses!


While the pandemic was swirling around us, our team was working closely with Training Lane to make our new home on King St E. The ADF HQ lives inside Training Lane – we provide the coaching and Training Lane provides the space and equipment. 

We can’t wait for a post-pandemic world when we will be running all of our programs and training, hosting events, cranking the tunes, having parties and lifting heavy shit.

ADF HQ Launch Party
The Online Hub

The central spot for our community. This platform kept us connected and moving. It has been operating for 9 months with 10 completed 4 week programs. We have seen 200+ humans join us for a virtual workout. Coach Jacq & Coach Sarah officially joined the Online Hub coaching staff. Since it’s existence we have hosted 35 virtual events!

Our Community

All of you have gone above and beyond to SUPPORT us through this wild ride we have been on. We are beyond appreciative of the support, feedback and words of encouragement.

You have embraced a new way of training, whether it be in the Online Hub, Remote Training or Virtual Personal Training. It means more than we can ever express that you see the value of training as well as tuning into your sleep, stress and nutrition. 


All Day Athlete

Can we get TWO CLAPS for Coaches Jahmeek and Natey!?! 

In his off-hours from firefighting, Coach Jahmeek worked tirelessly to create a brand new program. I’m not kidding, I would get calls from Jah at all hours of the day with new ideas, updates on athletes and of course funny random-ass jokes. All Day Athlete is a different style of training from our other programs, it integrates performance training, nutrition and recovery. It improves functional movements and weaknesses, decreases injury risk, builds strength, power and speed.

In total we saw 50 Athletes over 21 weeks sprint, jump, run hills, pull sleds, play soccer baseball and become a tight-knit crew. 

Who wants to race us!?

Strong Academy 

Of all our programs, Strong Academy went on the biggest ride this year. We started off with our biggest group of participating teammates in January. Many of the teammates made the quick jump over to the Online Hub to maintain their training. Fast forward to October, we launched our first Strong Academy in the ADF HQ. These 20 teammates patiently worked with us as we had to move Strong Academy outside, then back inside and now Online. 

I want to thank them for their patience, willingness to train outside, dedication to getting their training session in and support for the coaches, company and myself as we worked through this.

Personal & Remote Training

Our Personal and Remote Training clients didn’t miss a beat! Everyone understood the importance of maintaining their training, staying connected to their coach and dialling into sleep, stress and nutrition even more than before COVID. If you ask any one of our coaches, they will say the highlight of COVID has been training their clients virtually! 

The commitment we have seen to training is what drives us forward to provide top quality training.

I want to thank them for their patience, willingness to train outside, dedication to getting their training session in and support for the coaches, company and myself as we worked through this.

The mindset at All Day Fit challenges you to always find the opportunity. While 2020 was not the year we expected, it may have been the year we need. We were able to get Online and meet new humans, we had the time to plan the move to the new ADF HQ, we had the opportunity to create All Day Athlete, we engaged our brains in continuing education and most importantly, we bonded, beyond our wildest dreams, as a team and community. 

THANKS for a kickass 2020.

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