What an amazing, reflective and rewarding month!

Usually September is fraught with the end of summer blues, getting back into our normal routine and signs of shorter days and cooler weather…Self Love September was a welcomed change of reflection, positivity, learning and support.

The goal of Self Love September was to build a self-love shrine in the shape of a heart (using pink post it notes!). Each day we asked participants to take a few minutes and write down something they loved about themselves. There were no limitations on what participants could write – it could have been anything including a trait, quality, accomplishment or a proud moment. On every Sunday we shared our growing hearts!


To get the most out of this challenge we tasked participants to really reflect about what they love about themselves – to dig deep, step outside their comfort zone and think positively in times when our natural inclination is to be negative. Some days it took 2 seconds to write something while other days it took 10 minutes, but in the end all of our hearts – both internally and on the wall – are full!

Everyone involved in this challenge learned a lot about themselves, was appreciative of being given a platform and safe space to discuss private (and often difficult) topics and most importantly LEARNED TO LOVE THEMSELVES! A few things people had to say….

“This month has been so important to me. I am proud to have taken the time to love myself, and I think I am happier for it. Thanks for the opportunity, positive space and support to go on this journey. It has helped me develop a deeper, more nourished relationship with myself and I’m grateful!!” ~ Steph

“Wow. My heart is smiling reading all of these! I am out of words and honestly can’t express how grateful I am to have taken part in this month alongside all of you. I’m better for it.” ~ Joelle

“I agree this was amazing. As one of those "desk people", I was shocked by how little I actually move during the day but also how easy it can be to sneak those steps in (even while watching Offspring on Netflix) - if you are motivated - and you killer women (and the fear of shame) motivated me. Thanks everyone!!!” ~Elyse Sunshine

“This was tough. But was worth pushing through the struggle to find these things that I love about myself and my life - some of the things never even crossed my mind until I dug deep, and I’m glad I did.” ~ Robyn

“This challenge allowed me to start to fall in love with myself again. There was a lot of personal growth during this challenge and excited to continue this self-love journey.” ~ Kyla

“Amazing month!! I really felt like taking the time to think about the things I love about myself was so powerful. Keeping it up on my wall for awhile and then saving every post it so I can always come back to it!” ~ Elysia

Congratulations to Katherine Smith on winning the Self Love September draw for the Self Love care package!

One of our favourite moments during the month was the Self Love & Body Positivity workshop – something we all need more of our life! Read about the workshop here and stay tuned for more to come from All Day Fit on this topic.

Do you think you could write 30 things you love about yourself? If the answer is no, then this challenge is perfect for you. BECAUSE, if you can’t say something nice about yourself…PRACTICE.

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