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Schedule Your Workout Challenge

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September Challenge

When life gets busy workouts are often the first thing to go. Now that summer is wrapping up it’s time to get back into a regular routine again! I’m challenging you this month to plan your workouts a week in advance. Not only will this help with scheduling, but you’ll also have a much needed fitness break to look forward to. It’s important to book your gym dates as you would appointments and hold yourself accountable.

How it worked:

We printed out a blank calendar for September and put it somewhere we would see daily (ex. on the fridge, the back of the front door, over a bedside table). Every Sunday the team scheduled their workouts for the week just like they would an appointment. Once the workout completed was complete it got highlighted off.

What we found:

  1. Seeing white spaces on the calendar helped motivate you to get more workouts in.
  2. Scheduling your workouts in advance was very effective for time management.

Do you schedule your workouts? Try this out!

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