Congratulations to our December Client of the Month, John!

December marks John’s second full year of personal training with All Day Fit, and we are so proud of him for hitting this milestone! It seems like a distant memory to think back on the first day that John walked into the gym feeling unsure how long he would be able to stick to training. Instead of calling it quits, John swung the other way and INCREASED his training from a consistent two to three times per week this year. His commitment to fitness has been impressive to watch, and has been such a fun journey to take part in!

Squats have always been his bread and butter (we actually can’t think of anyone with more perfect squat form), but John has also learned to love exercises that have given him trouble, including deadlifts! After a shoulder surgery, doctors told him that his shoulder would never be the same again, but John has certainly proved them wrong. We have seen him conquer pain-free pull-ups and presses and develop some serious strength in his upper body movements. (You can tell by his massive biceps; check ‘em out!)

John, thank you for your commitment to training with All Day Fit. Your bright smile and warm greetings when you walk in the gym are felt by everyone around you. We can’t wait to watch you continue to build strength and make skiing easier every year. Here’s to year three in the gym! May your next year of training be filled with all the Nagi bars your heart could desire.

Coaches, Casey and Cassie

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