Personal Trainer

Catherine McWade

Catherine’s Journey
to All Day Fit

I believe in the power of exercise and nutrition to transform the lives of individuals around me. I grew up passionate about play, sports, and food. Cue university I developed a long-term relationship with the treadmill and bought into popular diets of disordered eating. This left me feeling less than my best but without understanding why. Frustration pushed me to try two things in 2013; A 30-day diet challenge and group training with qualified coaches. Finding an empowering community in fitness was a life-changing experience that provided me with physical, emotional and mental strength that translated to all aspects of my life. Now a qualified, knowledgeable trainer and certified nutritionist, I continuously seek learning opportunities to discover how human performance and daily life can be elevated though fitness & nutrition. As an All Day Fit trainer, I look forward to making you a part of our community of empowered, healthy and like-minded women and men.

How do you start your day?

I’m a creature of routine and LOVE having time in the mornings i.e. HATE feeling rushed. 5 am is my jam. I make a buttered coffee or matcha (MCT, ghee, collagen, cinnamon) and then relax on the floor for some light stretching (fave app right now – DownDog App) & some puppy cuddles – I’ll usually read for 5-10 minutes and almost always have CBC radio on in the background. Then it’s off to meet clients or teach class at 6am!

What does balance mean to you?

Balance happens when you look after your physical AND mental health every day through movement, nutrient dense foods, and being part of an empowering community. 

Describe a perfect day off.

My hubby, my puppy & a glass of wine. Thankful for all three of these things.

Favorite book and why?

The Mind Workout by Mark Freeman – this book conceptualizes the link between mental and physical health in today’s modern age.  We can’t expect our mental health to be in tip top shape if we don’t practice mental fitness (mindfulness, meditation, gratitude). We can liken this to daily practices of exercise to improve our physical fitness! Same same. Mark is a local guy to Toronto, and meeting him changed my life. 

Top life hack?

Bring consistency to anything you do, and the results will be mind blowing.


DTS Level 1 | Darby Training Systems

CrossFit Level 1 & 2 Trainer | CrossFit Inc
CrossFit Aerobic Capacity Trainer | CrossFit Inc
CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer | CrossFit Inc

Nutritional Therapy Consultant | Nutritional Therapy Association

Registered Nurse, BScN | University of Toronto

Bachelors of Physical and Health Education | Queens University

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