All Day Strong Academy

If you want to build full body strength, increase your power, improve your mobility and enhance your cardiovascular fitness, then All Day Strong Academy is designed for you!

At All Day Fit, we believe:

Strength training is the foundation to longevity. It makes progress efficient and results easier to maintain. With your Academy teammates, you will learn how to move well, build full body strength, increase your power and enhance your cardiovascular fitness. The small coach to client ratio allows for a unique and attentive coaching experience in a small class setting.

WARNING: Get ready to pull, push, squat, deadlift and carry heavy shit. We will change the way you train!

  • Building strength is for everyone.
  • Education on proper form comes first.
  • Consistency is key.
  • Workouts should build you, not beat you. You don’t need to sacrifice your knees, shoulders or low-back to be fit.
  • Training in a positive environment promotes everyone’s success.
Week 1

Prep Week


DAY 1 | Personalized full-body and movement assessment. Initial Photos taken.

DAY 2Breath, Deadlift, and  Squat Clinic. Groove the major movement patterns; This will minimize your risk of injury and maximize your potential for gains!

DAY 3 | Understand our nutrition philosophy, learn how to read and progress through a strength program, and team breakfast at Impact Kitchen.

Week 2-13

Training Week


WEEK 2-5 | Program 1
WEEK 6-9 | Program 2
WEEK 10-13 | Program 3 & Celebration!

3x per Week | Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Time Options: 6-7AM and 8:15-9:15AM


*Payments: Upfront or in 2 installments made on the first day of each new monthly program.